Problem adding CC2530 / CC2591 Router


I have a CC2531 USB stick set up as Coordinator and has been working fine. To extend the range I have followed the instructions to build a router using the cc2530 + cc2591 board and successfully flashed it with the 2019_02 router firmware.

The problem I have is when I run zigbee2mqtt after pairing the router the log just keeps recycling the same messages, as if continuously repairing the router.

Any idea (or more info needed)?

EDIT - realised the name I had allocated was no good. All solved!


I recently stopped using the CC2531 as routers. I use now three Ikea routers and two Osram Smart+ plug switches/routers. I now use the spare CC2531 as a backup for my coordinator.

All is working well at the moment.