Devices firmware updates


I’m switching from IKEA gateway to this dongle. Am I correct to assume that the only way to update the devices firmware is using their app and gateway? (IKEA or aqara for example)


This is correct. There is no way to update the ikea devices without the gateway.

Some say they don’t care about it. I myself have my doubts about this. If they fix something crucial, you would have to repair everything with the gateway, update, then go through the hassle of pairing everything back with zigbee2mqtt. And if you start to automate a few things (node red) then go through all those flows to make sure they still work

Well, if you are using a Conbee zigbee stick and the Deconz software you can actually keep them updated even without the IKEA gateway, but in the context of Zigbee2mqtt and this forum, yes, there’s currently no way.

EDIT: But I still wouldn’t change to Deconz. I am switching away to a CC2652 and zigbee-herdsman.