Documentation/Example about change values from a zigbee device

Hello together,
unfortunately I can not find an example or an documentation about how to change values from a zigbee device, for example a radiator thermostat.
Can you give me an good tutorial for setting and getting the values from a zigbee device?

The zigbee2mqtt documentation ends at the pairing from devices…

Thank you very much!

When zigbee2mqtt starts up, it posts all topics in the log.
To get a value, subscribe to the appropriate channel, like /zigbee/device1/temperature
To set a value, publish it to the “set” topic, such as /zigbee/device2/state/set
That is if you have z2m to use separate topics.
For json topics, you’ll need to extract the values from the json and publish the appropriate format.

Thank you for your reply!
Just for understanding:

If I would like to get the temperature values from a Thermostat, I have to connect my mqtt client to my mqtt broker and subscribe the right topic from the thermostat?

If I would like to set the temperature values from a thermostat, I have to connect my mqtt client to my mqtt broker and publish an message, which contents the right “String” or json format, depending on the right topic.
After that the zigbee2mqtt middleware sends an zigbee command to the right device and execute the value change from the temperature?

Thank you once again!

Essentially yes.
Which topics are available and which values are expected depends on the device. But for a heating thermostat, I’d expect at least a read-only temperature reading and a writable temperature setpoint. Plus probably configuration options like the hysteresis and such.

Okay that sounds good!
But one more question.

The nessessary topic for the get value I can find out by looking in the logfile after the startup…

But how can I find out the topic for the setpoint, if it is another topic than the topic from the get value.
Because this topic would not be in the logfile, isn’t it?

Any value you can set you can obviously read, too. So that should show up in the logs, too.
So your temperature setpoint might be
and then you would publish your chosen value to

If you have it already running, post the logs for that device.

Okay thats nice.
Im going to try that!

No I wanted to find out my opportunities before I start with the Project.
Because I would like to do it with my own webserver and scripts, without things like homematic etc…

But I ordered yesterday an zigbee adapter and a humidity sensor.
So the project can start in small steps :slightly_smiling_face: !