Documentation: Integration to OpenHAB

Hi all,

at the moment the documentation is pretty much focusing on integrating ZigBee2MQTT with HomeAssistant. Are there any objections against adding a chapter for integration with OpenHAB in general and also examples for device specific configuration (Things and Items definitions) for OpenHAB on the device pages?

I would like to volunteer to write an howto on the integration ZigBee2MQTT with OpenHAB and also add the config for the few devices I have. But before I invest time into creating a merge request, I would like to know if this has the chance of beeing merged of if you don’t mind at all.

Looking forward to hearing your opinion.


I’m Z2M and OH user. It would be great to have chapter in documentation describing integration of both tools + configuration for some devices, as examples.

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I try to add my zigbee2mqtt devices via the OpenHab MQTT GUI and I don’t get it to work. I would much appreciate any tutorial on this topic.