Xiaomi Device missing topics

Hello together,
as a zigbee2mqtt newbie i have a question to the experts:
I have integrated some devices, for example an xiaomi/aqara window/door-sensor. In the documentation i see three infos/channels (battery/contact/linkquality)

Before zigbee2mqtt i joined the devices via openhab xiaomi binding, there i got additionally channels: lastopened,isopenalarmtimer and an lowbattery alarm. Can i get the channels with zigbee2mqtt too? is there any best practice how to find out which information and possibilities a device is sharing/accepting via zigbee?

Thank you!

I would think that these extra channels are created by Openhab.
z2m only gives the 3 that you have seen (plus ‘voltage’)

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Sorry for my late answer. Thank you for your idea, i think it was a dump question. It was created by the xiaomi zigbee base. Of course i think because such calculations arent battery friendly and should be at the sensor. Thank you!