Eurotronic SPZB0001 Thermostate only 0,5°C Steps via OpenHAB

Hi all,

i have some trouble after using zigbee2mqtt with my OpenHAB2.5 - before i was using all Zigbee Devices via the “Zigbee Binding” from openHAB.

Zigbee Binding works fine - BUT there are random Disconnects, Zigbee Network slowdowns, Max Device Limit even when i was using Hue Routers was 21 with my old CC253, vice versa…

After switching to a CC2652RB with z2m all my Problems are gone

But now the smallest Temperature Step is by 0,5°C - with the Zigbee Binding it was 0,1°C if I send via OpenHAB

It’s true via the Thermostat directly i only can change the Steps in 0,5°C Steps

But now the 0.5°C Steps are way to big… so 20.0°C is too cold <-> 20.5°C is too warm

With z2m even when I send via OpenHAB 20.3°C it rounds up to 20.5°C - only 0.5°C Steps are send to the Thermostate via z2m

Is there any Configs in z2m which i could adjust to get the preferred 0.1°C Steps?? (i have searched but not found…)

Greetings from Germany