Got a new Dongle trying to understand some logic

Hi i have CC2531 that is working great so i got another one for better range…
how do i mesh them togther ?

i just flashed the new one… and its conncted to the RPI
can i just put the old one on USB power and be done with that
or do i need another RPI?

Hi, you need to flash the second with router firmware, and then plug it into usb power adapter , RPI not required.

i am not getting any good results…
this is the old dongle(the one that worked for me for the last year) and i have tested it and it is still working on the PI
but when i put it on a USB power, the green light will shine for somthing like a min, and then will go off…
what about logs? anything to look for when the device(another CC5321) is added to the network?
both of them are working when i put them on the PI…
what kind of power does it need? 5V XA?

Did you reflash the dongle with router firmware ? Then set your coordinator to allow join, and press the button on the router to allow it to join the network.
Oh, a 500mA is sufficient.

hello @francisp ok so i am missing some info…
coordinator ? the RPI? yes joining is enabled
there are two buttens wich one ? i can see online that thay are labled S1 S2

and if you can please link me to this part of the docs… i was not able to find it

Thank you !

Here is the router firmware :

Here are instructions to pair the CC2531 router with your zigbee coordinator :

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just to be sure a router firmware is diffrent from what i have now from Z2M?
i need to reflash one of my devices with this one ?
and then what ? just to join it to the network ? by

soory i did not get what i am doing yet :thinking:

There can only be one coordinator in a zigbee network. So if you have 2 CC2531, the one in your Pi needs to be flashed with the coordinator software. The one in a USB outlet needs to have the router firmware. Just pair it with your network.

thank you! will try that

it looks like i am paierd with the coordinator, i can see that device sending
and when i turn off the led i get led as false

but the linkquality is alwys zero not sure why on every loaction i try to put it
also i dont see anything going in to it…