CC2531 with external antenna

I found this in an Aliexpress shop

Has anyone tried using this CC2531 Usb stick with external antenna?
Do you think it has the same features as the version without an external antenna?

Thank you

that is what i use as my routers

Have you tried using this cc2531+amplifier as a coordinator too?

For the CC2530, there is different firmware for the CC2530 by itself, and the CC2530+2591 amp. So if you use the CC2531+amp, are you using the non-amplifier firmware?

I don’t know why the firmware would change if there’s an amplifier front end.

Im using the GBAN cc2530 + RFX2401 as a coordinator - Uses the same firmware as CC2530+2591
(I assume the RFX2401 and 2591 are compatible).

I assme the reason there is separate firmware for the devices with frontend is that there needs to be code to control the frontend tx and rx etc.

I would also like to use this cc2531 USB stick with external antenna as a router.
I have to expand the signal on the different floors of my house and it seems like a practical solution. Just connect to a USB socket.

is it recommended for you?

I bought a cc2531 with an external antenna was going to use it to replace existing cc2531 but can I use it as a router, if so how ?

Just flash the router software instead of the coordinator firmware. Firmware can be found on (on a strange place, look under create a cc2530 router, there is the link to the cc2531 router firmware too)

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So this firmware should work with CC2531 with antenna?
I flashed it and I believe it creates more mess to my network than extending it. Without it an IKEA socket is visible to the network. With the router, it doesn’t connect even after 2 hours!

That is router firmware. This seems to be a new firmware only released 5 days ago. I did not try this one yet.

You do have a coordinator on your network besides the router ?

Yes I have a CC2531 coordinator with 2 zigbee devices connected. When I use the mentioned firmware as router in another CC2531 (with antenna), instead of expanding the network coverage, I loose one of the 2 already installed devices.
And btw, for the router I am using a USB power adapter with output 5V-1A. Is it OK? Could I also use 5.1V–2.1A?

The older router firmware (which I use) is here :

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