How add a router?

I’m new in Zigbee.
I have a Xiaomi door sensor with linkquality equal to zero. So I want to add an IKEA wall switch to improve the range as it can work as a router.
Can I only plug the swtich and the door sensor will find the new route alone or should I remdoe the door sensor device and re-add it?


in my experience a zigbee device should should receive messages from new routers w/o reset and re-add. As zigbee being a mesh network those things should be handled automatically. Do you have your “router” already paired with ZigBee2MQTT (Z2M)? Does Z2M identify it as a router (take a look in database.db)?

Could you be a little more specific about


Is that a wireless control outlet/socket? AFAIK only permanent powered devices act as router? A battery powered switch/remote control wouldn’t help.

“ZigBee Routers typically have their receivers continuously active, requiring a more robust power supply”


Yes sorry it’s a TRADFRI control outlet so whith permanent power and when I request the DB it is seen as a router

Perfect than this device should automatically route those messages AFAIK.

You can take a look in the console output or in the z2m-logfile to see, if the link quality goes up when the TRADFRI outlet is in place.


No the link quality did not go up (it is equal to zero), so I have generated a network map and it show a direct route beetwen Xiaomi door sensor and the coordinator. So I think I should remove the Xiaomi device and pair it again.

Hmm, weird - I had assumed the network would somehow “auto detect” the best route. But I never payed much attention to that. Now I am curious, I will have to generate a map for my network, too.

I agree, I would remove&re-pair the sensor in your place, too. Please let us know about your progress.

Maybe one of the “professionals” can spare some words about this issue?

Hi Pat,

did you have any luck with removing and pairing your sensor again?

I created a graph of my network, too. And I see the same phenomenon. All devices have direct routes ignoring router-devices like outlets or my TRADFRI bulbs.

Does anybody know, what requirements must be met for a router to actually be used?


I just did it (I have needed to force remove the device). So… the Xiaomi door sensor is now connect through the router as I can see with a network map. But the information of linkquality is still equal to zero in each message payload. But I think this information is related to the quality link beetwen device and coordinator and not beetwen device and router.

in the meantime I updated my coordinator firmware and my zigbee2mqtt-image to newest versions and got a much more detailled network map (including routes) when calling


I am now using

zigbee2mqtt version 1.10.0-dev (commit #13b996e)

and firmware


And I can confirm: link quality in payload is often stated as zero, even though the device acts without problems.