Ikea Fyrtur curtain

Is it possible to integrate Ikea Fyrtur curtains into Zigbee2mqtt?
If yes, do I need the Ikea bridge or can I pair directly to the curtains?

Yes, you can pair the FYRTUR and KADRILJ blinds directly to your zigbee2mqtt setup, without any need for the IKEA hub.

See https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/E1757.html for more information.

Wonderful, thanks for the information :slight_smile:
Do you know in which release this was added?

No idea, but they have been in there for a while now as I have been using them with zigbee2mqtt for over 6 months now…

okay thanks. I looked in the release notes but couldn´t find it.
I am on 1.12.2 and wonder if they are supported in this version.
The reason for not upgrading. I have some Gledopto RGBW controllers and they don´t work anymore when upgrading.

Is the Ikea signal repeater necessary for pairing and using the blinds with zigbee2mqtt?
I have Hue bulbs in the same room also connected through zigbee2mqtt so maybe they can act as router for the blinds instead of the repeater.

The signal repeater is not necessary, but in my experience those repeaters do a great job as router. In my Zigbee2mqtt network (consisting of +50 routers and even more end devices), many sensors prefer to connect to one of those repeaters.

Be careful with using hue bulbs as routers. Until recently, I was doing the same, but my Zigbee network was quite unstable. Sometimes, it would take up to 10 seconds for a light to go on after triggered by a motion sensor. Apparently, hue bulbs (and many other bulbs) don’t do the routing very well, as they don’t route every message (they mainly route messages from other light bulbs). Similar users on this forum have mentioned similar issues. As a result, I removed all lightbulbs from my Zigbee2mqtt network, and I now have all bulbs in a lights-only Zigbee network (using the Hue bridge, as I also use the Hue labs and have a HDMI box in my network which required the Hue bridge). If you need more routers, I would recommend using smart plugs and the Ikea repeaters, in my case the INNR SP120 plugs do a great job in covering my whole environment.

Okay thanks :slight_smile: I have not had any bad experience with the hue bulbs and delays or instability… so far.
Anyway, the repeater is part of the blind package so I guess I could just make use of it.
Does the Ikea repeater do a good job routing between zigbee devices other than Ikea?

How did you find out that the instability issues was caused by the Philips bulbs?

Trial-and-error and other users on this forum have posted similar things. In general, I think it is good practice to keep all bulbs on a separate network, separated from plugs, switches, sensors and all other toys.

I see. I will have that in mind when things start to mess up :slight_smile:
As long as you keep it down to 2 seperate zigbee networks, I guess there shouldn´t be a problem with inteference.
But still kind of strange that bulbs behave different than other devices.

Does the Ikea repeater do a good job routing between zigbee devices other than Ikea?