Zigbee2mqtt on Android TV box

For starters I am a total newbie, but would be happy if you could give me some advice on following hw setup.

Planning on getting few of these sensors (one for each room in the house): Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor, WSDCGQ11LM
Alternative is to use ruuvitags and give up on zigbee altogether. They use Bluetooth for communication.

Not too keen on getting xiaomi router/hub since of proprietary software and information leakage.
Have a Android TV box (amlogic s912) and I would like to use it as a router since it’s on 24/7 and wifey would not be happy with yet another box in the house.

Any experience on this kind of a setup?
Will it work? What else do I need? I quess at least USB stick from @h4nc


good choice. I also use those and I’m very with them.

I don’t know that device, but if it builds a zigbee network than it is a coordinator and you won’t be able to connect it to the z2m network, because you can only have one coord per network.

To build a zigbee2mqtt network you will need a coordinator that supports z2m. The CC2531 is a good and reliable choice for that.

To extend the network further you can add a router. Routers are here not only to extend the range but also to make it possible to add more devices.

If you want to have one of my modded sticks please contact me via pm or mail.