New Sonoff Devices - June 2020

Just came across this YouTube video of 9 new Sonoff devices. Unfortunately the sound is poor and the video long but there is a list of the products with links to ITead .

I followed the link for the SONOFF SNZB-03 - ZigBee Motion Sensor - just $9. Doesn’t explicitly say v3.0 but the manual says “The device can work with other gateways supporting ZigBee 3.0 wireless protocol. Detailed information is in accordance with the final product”. Product available from 18 June.

One to watch.

Update: read that TI CC2531 based Zigbee USB dongle is preloaded with firmware compatible with Zigbee2MQTT. At $4 it’s a snip but having just bought and flashed a CC2531 USB dongle I found the range limited and would advise looking one with an antenna (if they exist). I’ve now built a router with amplifiers and antenna.

Update: just bought 2 of the motion detectors. Let’s hope I avoid UK import tax as cost is right on the vat-free import amount of £15. It’s not the vat but the £8 post office handling fee that would sting!