GE/JASCO Dimmer 45857 Brightness & State

I just setup and installed a CC2652 ZZH stick. It seems to be working well, but I seem to be having a Zigbee2Mqtt issue. I paired one of my GE/Jasco Dimmer wall switches to Zigbee2Mqtt to test this integration. My MQTT broker is Mosquitto hosted within Home Assistant. Physically, everything is working as it should. When I turn the switch on/off manually from within HASS, the light turns on. However, when the light is turned on with an automation from Node-Red using both Brightness and State, the light does not turn on. HASS reports that the light is on at the selected brightness, but the lights are clearly not on. The only way I have found to correct this is to have two separate instructions for the light. I send the state to turn on with one node, then I have to have a separate node send the brightness. Any ideas why I cannot send two instructions from the same message?

And no, I am not using the transition instruction. I wish I could use that, I like have the lights fade on and off, but I’m trying to just get them to work properly.