Pairing IKEA 1737R5 not working


I recently got 3 IKEA GU10 lights 1737R5 and a E1524/E1810 Remote
The remote is paired (4x press link button) while holding it close to the 2531 Sniffer (connected to my rpi/domoticz). This is working

Next is to pair 3 IKEA GU10 lights 1737R5 with the 2530 Zigbee2mqtt Router.
Because I can hold the router close to the lights

Since I could not find this type of IKEA GU10 in the supported list I used instead the “reset” steps of the 1537R6 supported device. After the 6 times off/on I see the GU10 lights blinking, bu no paring is happening.
I don’t see any debug information in the log file at all.

I have 2 AP’s running on wifi channel 1 and 6 and the zigbee network is on channel 11

What am I doing wrong here?

Just to comment the channel situation first: zigbee channel 11 is actually at the bounds of WiFi channel 1 and may get interfered. Zigbee channel 25 would get you entirely out of your WiFi channels (26 doesn’t work on all zigbee devices).

But that’s probably not the cause for this issue in particular if you have tried enough times. The blinking is typical of a Ikea reset acknowledgement…

Thanx for the advise man, to exclude any kind of interference problems I will set the channel to 25.

In the meantime while holding my router close to the ikea spot lights, zigbee2mqtt found 2 of 3 lamps, however they are reported as type 1537, where I expected 1737?

I’m having the exact same issue. 1 out of 3 connected, the other 2 not. Have you had any more luck since your last comment?

I figured it out! For anyone else coming across this:

I had read that you need to power cycle the lamp 6 times, starting from OFF, to enter pairing mode. So what I did was: (a) turn OFF, (b) 6x times turn ON, turn OFF, ( c) turn ON for a 7th time. This did result in the light entering some kind of pairing mode, with it pulsing quite weakly. Apparently this is what other people refer to as doing it 7 times, which is not ideal.

There is a different, better mode, that you get to by doing what others call 6 times: power cycle 5 times, then turn ON for a 6th time, and leave it on. Like this it will at first flash super brightly before starting to pulse weakly. Like this I had absolutely no problems to add all three bulbs.

So, do the following to enter the proper pairing mode:

  1. Turn OFF
  2. Turn ON, then OFF again 5 times
  3. Turn ON, leave ON