Source Routing fw. questions

I’ve noticed a new Source Routing firmware available.

What is the Source Routing firmware do that the default firmware does not?

And when/why would I use it?

Or is it used to address certain issues that cropped up?

Just curious, as I’ve not seen much mentioned about it.

Many thanks.

I came upon some info that helped me understand better.

Following up on this, from this note it looks like I’m at the point where I should be considering switching from “normal” to “source routing” firmware. I’m assuming that if I do that, I’ll need to re-pair all my devices, starting obviously with the routers?

I do not think you will. Going by this info.

Which I read, but the fact that it only supports 5 direct children made me wonder. What if the first 5 are all end devices? Is there any prioritisation to ensure that routers get priority?

Or is it all a case of “try and see” :man_shrugging:

Any update on this?
Did you actually have to re-pair all your devices?

I haven’t tried yet, I’m not yet at 40 devices, so I’ve held off.

From the look of my map however, I’m pretty hopeful.

For anyone else looking at this thread: I did not have to re-pair when switching from default to source routing firmware.