Source Routing and Pairing

Hi there, I would like to try the source routing firmware. I’ve some questions.

  • Do I pair my devices in the usual way, near the gateway? Will it find it’s route in the network automatically when installed at the final location?
  • Should I pair my nearest routers (with 24/7 power) first to create a stable base, or will the network settle automatically?
  • Is there any way to force certain routes? For example, i’ve 3 routers outside, but one is offline very often. Probably it tries to connect to a router inside, but the HR+++ glass inbetween acts as a shield. It would be better to route it to a nearby router without connection problems.


I’m interested in this too.
If I add a router, how do I pair new devices to the router instead of pairing them to the coordinator?

Also interested in this. It would be nice to gain some insights on how routing works and how the network re-routes. Does it try to do that once in a while? Every time right away?

Some more information about zigbee routing can be found here:|_____14

The default firmware uses many to one routing
The source routing firmware uses many to one + source routing.

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