Sockets and switches toggle off and on by themselves

I’m running z2m on Home Assistant with sonoff zigbee 3.0 usb dongle plus as coordinator.
I have many devices, some wired switches, power sockets, hue lightbulbs and sensors.
In one of the rooms there’s a group of 5 hue lightbulbs.
The issue arises when my kids accidentally turn off the power to the light bulbs in that room.
When the power brought back, the strangest thing happens, all of my power connected light switches / power sockets toggle off and on.
This is a consistent behavior and happens every time.
This only happens with that specific group of bulbs.
There are no automations or scripts defined in home assistant or node red on my system that toggle all the devices in my home.
I have also didn’t find any log entries of such command or any thing of that sort in home assistant logs.
This have become a real annoyance.
Any help will be hugely appreciated.