Switch with multiple endpoints


I’ve been using hue dimmer switches with automations through home assistant, and it works “okay” but it’s quite slow, and often does not work at all (switches blinking red or green/red) for one reason or another.
I’ve tried binding a switch to a group of lights and it still doesn’t work every time, but at least it’s fast. Unfortunately it looks like you can only bind one switch to one group : No way to bind one button to a light and another to a different light.

Does anyone know of any switch I could buy with multiple endpoints I could bind to different group ?
Two toggle buttons would be enough really, one to do on/off on group A and another one to do on/off on group B.
Alternatively any tricks to bind hue dimmer switches to multiple things ? Currently if I bind a switch to a group then taps go to that group, but long presses do nothing which seems like a waste.