Turn on/ off with switch node a zigbee device

Hello friends,
I am new here and need your help. i use the super device CC2531.

Thank you in advance

If I replace the switch node with an inject not, then I can switch the lamp on and off. When I change the zigbee-light-node with a RF433 light/bulb then function this very well. This is a sign that the switch node is set correctly. The command is passed on.

i get an error message:

Error: Command 0x00158d0XXXXXXXX/1 genOnOff.on({“onOff”:0}, {“timeout”:6000,“manufacturerCode”:null,“disableDefaultResponse”:false}) failed (Error: Timeout - 40061 - 1 - 210 - 6 - 11 after 6000ms)

this function: