Xiaomi Aqara Curtain Motor

i have 2x Xiaomi Aqara Curtain Motor that worked perfect for a year or so.
Some weeks ago i noticed they stopped working, and they were not available in hassio.

In Hassio they appear as:
Aqara B1 curtain motor (ZNCLDJ12LM)
Firmware: Zigbee2MQTT 1.18.2-dev

with these enitities:
curtains_achter_battery 50%
curtains_achter_linkquality 42 lqi
curtains_achter_update_available Uit
curtains_achter_update_state Onbekend

There is no entitiy to control the curtains

In zigbee2mqtt i see this when i control them manually:
May 04 09:23:09 rpi3.local npm[8586]: Zigbee2MQTT:info 2021-05-04 09:23:09: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/curtains_voor', payload '{"battery":75,"linkquality":48,"position":1,"running":false,"state":null,"update":{"state":"idle"},"update_available":false}'

i already readded them under a different name, and they appear under the new name, but no curtain controls. Under entities i see no entries under “cover”