Aqara D1 QBKG25LM + Zigbee2MQTT stick v3

Hello, i ve connected the Aqara D1 (3-button) Wall Switch through the MQTT using the Zigbee2MQTT v3 Stick. It’s normally turn left, right or center button on or off but it did not return the status.

I am turning on center button in home assistant and light’s up, then i am going to the Aqara D1 and press center button manually. The status of center button didnt changed and still on.

I didnt see the message from MQTT Explorer from the switch about changing the center button state.

All other devices working well through this stick and refreshing their state correct (Aqara temperature and humidity sensors).

What the problem with this switch? (by the way when it connected through Xiaomi Gateway it is shows the buttons status correct)