Binding Ikea E1743 to Philips Hue bulb

Hi all,

I’ve managed to bind my Ikea remote to my Philips Hue bulbs and this works well, it’s much faster than having a Home Assistant automation doing it and will continue to work if my server goes down, both big wins.

However the dimming doesn’t seem to work correctly, if I bind it to an Ikea bulb and hold down the up or down button it will start to brighten or dim accordingly, however if I do the same with the Philips bulbs then it only moves one notch until I release, press and hold again.

Any ideas? I realise they are different manufacturers and that this might just be the way it is but wanted to know if anyone else has managed to do this?


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I don’t have an answer to your question, but I’d like to know how you did it, and whether the IKEA remote is also paired with Home Assistant, or just with the bulbs.

I’d like my remotes to control bulbs even if my HA is offline. I’d also like to be able to control my lamps from HA to turn lights off after sunrise, or via the HA app.

It’s all paired with Zigbee2Mqtt and linked to HA via MQTT, the remotes are then bound to the bulbs or groups so that they also work direct. I’m not sure which bit you are struggeling with but this probably says it better than I can.

You can then still get the status of the remote and control the bulbs through HA, you might need to enable the Report feature, it’s at the bottom of the guide.

I have been attempting this with Zigbee2mqtt-assistant ( add-on in Home Assistant. Despite seeing the binding command for my group showing up in the logs for zigbee2mqtt with HA powered off, the switches aren’t controlling my bulbs.

I’m a bit unclear on how to manually send the binding commands from Home Assistant - neither the Mosquitto Broker or zigbee2mqtt add-ons have an interface for sending hand crafted commands.

Do you know if this is available through CLI?

HA -> configuration -> integrations -> mqtt -> configure -> publish a message

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Thanks - I hadn’t thought to look there!