Z2M, Ikea Lights and Remotes, Binding questions

Hey everyone,

Recently Ive taken an interest in setting up some smart home functionality in my house and went with a Home Assistant and Z2M/Mosquitto with a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 “E” stick to comeplete the setup. I’ve started of my buying a few Ikea light bulb and remote packages to play around with. Specifically the temperature changing bulbs ( LED2003G10) and 4 button remotes (E2001/E2002).

I initially paired everything and used HA blueprints to setup functionality which has been spotty with the dimming and temp changing. I then learned that I can bind the lights directly to the remotes in decrease latency while still retaining HA automations etc.

On/Off functionality as well as dimming has been working great via binds (remotes to light Groups created in Z2M) but I cant seem to get color temperature changing working. Flow is;

  • Add lights and remote to z2m network
  • Create a group for the light bulbs as there are more than one that I want to control as a group
  • Create bind in the remote’s settings in Z2M awith ‘OnOff’ and ‘LevelCtrl’ clusters checked

This gives me on/off and dimming but no left or right button actions like you with them directly paired via Touchlink (factory settings). I’ve played around with pushing Scenes in Z2M which does seem to bring the functionality I desire with one caveat. Im required to specify a brightness level along with color temperature when saving the scene. Every time I change color temps it brings brightness to full.

Is there some other way to set this up? I’d like to retain the binding for WAF, HA connectivity for automations and have color temperature control without changing brightness.