How to debug Ikea lamp

Hello there and I hope this is the right place to ask (just beginning). I paired an Ikea remote control and a light bulb to a zigbee stick. With mosquitto command line i can see what the remote control sends (via mosquitto_sub -t zigbee2mqtt/#) - but the bulb sends nothing - how can i test it from command line? What commands does it want to get?


you mean like:

$mosquitto_pub -t zigbee2mqtt/IkeaLampe/set -m brightness:20

nothing happens… :frowning:

$mosquitto_pub -t zigbee2mqtt/IkeaLampe/set -m on

The commands can be seen on under supported devices, your light.

Thank you!
a short time before i succeeded with
mosquitto_pub -t zigbee2mqtt/IkeaLampe/set -m {“state”:“ON”}

but your version seems easier! :slight_smile:

Ok then you mean this page:

where on this page can i see all the valid messsages/arguments and their possible values listed? I mean, as a beginner, where do I know that there is a “brightness” parameter and the values go from 0 to 255? Where do I know all the other (maybe existing) paramters from? I hope you know what I mean… :slight_smile: