How to force connection of device to closest router

First of all thank you all for this work!
I have some ZB devices working with Home Assistant and zigbee2mqtt.
I have 2 sensors (xiaomi door sensor and xiaomi flood sensor) that are 30 meters away from the CC2531 USB Stick.
I’ve bought 2x CC2530 + CC2591 and flash them. I’ve paired them with my instalation but my sensors never connect to the closest router. They connect to the router in the middle but not the the one that is closer to them.
My question is: is there any way to force them to connect to the router I want? How it’s made the choice between devices?
Can someone help me?
Thank you

Remember that the closest router may be on the floor above or below, so while it would be nice to see all our downstairs sensors connected to the central downstairs router it will often be the case that route up or down through the floor/ceiling is the best connection and not the one that you would like to see.

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I’ve never understood how these routes are re-routed. Do battery power sensors occasional ping out to see if there’s a closer router device they should connect to? So the network optimization part is pretty “hands-off” from our standpoint?