I tried a direct integration with Home Assistant and now sensors do not register

I had a perfectly working Zigbee2MQTT (docker) setup with Home Assistant (sensors and wall switches, all Xiaomi) and a friend mentioned that there also exists a direct integration of my Zigbee USB stick (CC2531).

I made the mistake to switch off my Zigbee2MQTT docker, testing the Home Assistant integration, realizing that Zigbee2MQTT is more suitable for me, deleting the integration and restarting my Ziggbee2MQTT docker.

Then the apocalypse happened.

None o my devices were present anymore, I successfully reconnected some of them (thank god, the wall switches reconnected otherwise I would probably would have to sleep on the couch).

My problem: there is no way to reconnect the sensors (aquara temperature sensors - https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/WSDCGQ01LM.html). The wall switches, the light sensor and the door sensor reconnected fine - it is just these devices that refuse to do it (after pressing the button for 2, 5 10, 30 60 seconds, short pressing from time to time to keep connection during pairing (or not doing it), removing the battery - in short anything I could find on the Internet)

I do not know whether the RAM of the stick itself (as opposed to database.db) holds information about the devices and whether there is a way to purge some devices if this is the case.

In other words: should I have any problems to reconnect the sensors after the disastrous attempt to use the HA intergration?