Xiaomi sensor disconnect and need repairing

I’m using cc2531 as coordinator with FW 20190608 and 2 router E18-MS1PA1-IPX and a router cc2531. I have also 22 xiaomi devicescand 3 konke devices.

Often some Xiaomi movement sensors disconnet and I need to repair them again.

Can some helo me to understand how to solve it?

Cold me useful to migrate di a coordinator based on E18-MS1PA1-IPX with zigbee 3.0 or is better stay on v 1.2?

this is the map

Thank you

Hard to see the map, but do you log the link quality of the devices? If it’s below 20 or so, there is a likelihood that the device drops from the network.
On another note, xiaomi devices do not strictly adhere to the zigbee protocol and thus can give you trouble.

Have a look here:

Thank you for your help, I have this problem even with devices far 2 meters from the coordinator and nothing in between, so the signal is strong.

Do you think I will have no problem using Xiaomi hub?

No idea, that’s probably the wrong group for that.
I have 8 Xiaomi Aqara sensors and all of them work fine. Link quality is in the 90s.
Otherwise it could be weak batteries, I would not rely on the battery level they send.

I had the same problem with just a few Aqara/Xiaomi devices. Bottom line was the repeaters (2 Peanut outlet switches). I found an article (https://community.hubitat.com/t/xiaomi-aqara-devices-pairing-keeping-them-connected/623) talking about what repeaters work with Aqara devices as several do not, they actually interfere with the signaling. As soon as I replaced them with INNR outlet switches everything has been rock solid. I also picked up some of the IKEA Outlets referenced and will be testing those as well.