Instructions for flashing GBAN GB2530

Dear all,

I just received this GBAN GB2530, from .

I though maybe it was already flashed as router, or coordinator. I have an existing zigbee CC2531 flashed as coordinator and a few devices attached. Even making allow_join, the GB2530 did not rejoin. I tried the poweroff/on 3 times with 2 seconds of wait for repairing. I also tried as coordinator, with the instruction rtscts: false, but I got an error.

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So right now I believe I have to flash it, but I looked and looked around, there are no precise instruction to flash it. First, I don’t know if I need the downloader cable for CC2531, and integrates as this image.

Or just follow this instructions

and this pin schema

I saw I don’t need to branch some pin with latest firmware, so I do not need to do this schema

, right?

Please help, I am lost! Thank you!

Have you found a solution??