CC2531 as router and CC2530+CC2591 as coordinator?

Hello to all,
I’ve actually a setup with a raspberry as coordinator with CC2531 stick and a CC2530+CC2591 as router.
Due the router is not working correctly and I cannot debug it much, would it possible to invert the hardware? I’ve another raspberry to use, so I could setup the CC2530+CC2591 as coordinator and the CC2531 as router and having logs for everything.
Would that be possible?
Any suggestions instead?

Sorry, no suggestions? :frowning:

I have a CC2530 coordinator ( attached to an esp01) and 2 CC2531 routers, so this is a viable solution.

Hello @francisp!
Thanks for the answer. so questions:
Is there a guide to attach the CC2530 to ESP01? Possible to a ESP8266 as well?
Which firmware do you use?
And, after flashing the CC2531 as router, do I need to connect it to something (RPi or whatever) or its enough to plug it into any usb power adapter?

CC2530 -> ESP01 : use this guise :
How to connect a CC2530 coordinator via an ESP8266 |

Regular CC2530 coordinator firmware

CC2531 as router can be just plugged in an usb-adapter.

Thanks @francisp
I’ve made some good improovments:
– installed zigbee2mqtt into my NAS via docker
– moved CC2530+CC2591 as coordinator attached to a ESP8266 I’ve found aroud the home with ESPEasy (
– re-joined some devices transporting the configuration from my BananaPi board Zigbee to my docker version.
All seems stable right now, the coordinator works better in that way, btw I’ll test it for some days and then let see if it works as expected. Then I’ll move theCC2531 to be a router.
Thanks for the informations provided!!!

Cheers, Simon

Hello @francisp again.
I’ve another question:
Having the CC2530 connected to the ESP8266 and exposed to zigbee via tcp, do I need to setup the option rtscts: false in the advanced settings anyway?