LIDL Occupancy & Door Switch

Hello all

I got this config and the basic functions are there !! but for sure is not the final

zigbeeModel: [‘TY0203’],
model: ‘HG0636’,
vendor: ‘Lidl’,
description: ‘SilverCrest & window contact sensor’,
supports: ‘contact’,
fromZigbee: [fz.ias_contact_alarm_1,fz.battery,fz.ias_contact_alarm_1_report],
toZigbee: [],
exposes: [e.battery(),e.tamper(),,e.battery_low()],

zigbeeModel: [‘TY0202’],
model: ‘HG06335’,
vendor: ‘Lidl’,
description: ‘Motion sensor’,
supports: ‘occupancy’,
fromZigbee: [fz.ias_occupancy_alarm_1,fz.battery],
toZigbee: [],
exposes: [e.occupancy(), e.battery_low(), e.tamper()],

hello,contact is working.

motion not, thanks for puting the confs

did you manage to pair it?
Because my is working, But I had to repair it

Same here, added to devices.js, repaired it, and it worked.


motion sensor is working.
Thanks for config!

Hello all,

i have the same motion detector now, but i do not now what i have to edit or to repair.

Could someone explain exactely what i have to put into devices.js and where ist this file located?

And how do i repair what exactely?

Many thanks for answers…

2020-11-27 16_18_19-Window