Linkquality for devices connected to the router same as router

I have 1 coordinator (cc2531, v1.12.0), 1 router (cc2530+cc2591) and 10 devices.
All devices go across the router although some devices are closer to the coordinator.
All devices report linkquality 131 the same as the router.
Is this correct or should every device reports the linkquality between device and router?

Hello, have you found a solution to this issue? I am having the same hardware setup (cc2531 as coordinator, cc2530+cc2591 as router) and exaclty the same problem. All devices report the linkquality of the router the are connected to.
BR Sebastian

No, I didn’t but all devices (xiaomi sensors and switches) work. I use a watchdog of 70 mins in node-red and rarely I get an error.