XIAOMI end devices not connected to router ZNCZ02LM

I use a CC2531 stcik as coordinator and added a few Xiaomi devices and one Gledopto controller. I placed the devices around in my house and noticed a very poor (or even lost) connection to some end device far from the coordinator.

I checked with the mapping function and noticed that all Xiaomi end-devices (temp & motion) are directly connected to the coordinator. Also all routers (3x Xiaomi Mi Power Plug (ZNCZ02LM) are also directly connected to the coordinator. One exception, is the plug installed on the attic also has a connection to the plug on the first floor (coordinator is downstairs, so this makes sense). It seems the routers are working fine but end-devices won’'t use them. I would expect end-devices on my attic use the attic smart plug as router but it’s not.

I red that Xiaomi devices do not search for closest router and only use the one they initially paired with. And this is my problem. It seems I can only pair these devices with the coordinator, not with a router.

Maybe a newbe question by I can;t find the answer. How to connect a Xiaomi end-device to a Xiaomi Mi Power Plug (ZNCZ02LM)? Ofcourse I tried several times the normal pairing funtion (button 5 sec, very close to the smartplug) without any result. (Close to the coordinator always works fine)

Is there any special procedure, re-join proces, special (dev) firmware branches required or should this normally work? Or is the Xiaomi plug a router but simply not capable of joining new Xiaomi devices?

Any hints?

Using zigbee2mqtt version 1.14.2
Coordinator firmware version: '{“type”:“zStack12”,“meta”:{“transportrev”:2,“product”:0,“majorrel”:2,“minorrel”:6,“maintrel”:3,“revision”:20190608}}'

After some troubleshooting and searching I have an additional question.
I follwoed the guide to flash the CC2531 using the default CC2531_DEFAULT_20190608.zip firmware.

I also found a specific zigbee 3.0 version (https://github.com/Koenkk/Z-Stack-firmware/blob/master/coordinator/Z-Stack_3.0.x/bin/CC2531_20190425.zip), however the date is older.
(This make me believe the default version is not zigbee 3?)

Is zigbee 3.0 required for pairing via Xiaomi Plugs? Or has this nothing to do with this issue?

temp_keuken is a Xiaomi temperature & humidity sensor. mi_outlet a ZNCZ02LM. As you see it routes fine.

Thanks for your reply! This looks promising, so it must work.

Any hint or tip how you managed to set this up?
You also use (the same) CC2531 coordinator. Any special firmware of software versions?

Did you pair the Xiaomi device to/through the plug directly or first to the coordinator and later moved it further away?

First paired it close to the coordinator. Then paired it again at it’s final destination.

Did you use: CC2531_DEFAULT_20190608.zip or another firmware version (source routing?, zigbee 3.0?)

The Xiaomi devices should be paired at their final destination. They do not dynamically chose a new route if you move them.

That’s at least the behavior I saw with deCONZ and I was advised by their support to do it like that.