Something is completely wrong with my linkquality


i dont know what i am doing wrong but maybe someone can point me into the right direction.
i dont know if its a zigbee, a zigbee2mqtt oder a homeassistant problem … but first may setup

i have a raspberry pi with homeassistent + zigbee2mqtt and a CC2531 USB stick as corrdinator.
i the next room i got
1 Aqara motion sensor
1 GLEDOPTO led driver
the linkquality to this devices was very unreliable so i added a CC2530 with router software in order to have a better link quality … but nothing changed :confused: the router is shown i the device overview and also the _router attribute whos “connected” but linkquality is always 0… any ideas what i am doing worng?


@Mantus have you inspected with eg. MQTT Explorer to check the actual values?

I’ve got also linkquality problems with my Gledopto GL-C-008’s. Better said they don’t output any value. When I inspect with MQTT Explorer JSON-payload doesn’t have any linkquality-key. Z2M-logs also show JSON with linkquality. All 3 Gledopto devices the same.