Pairing of INNR smart plug doesn't work


I’m trying to pair a INNR smart plug (SP220) but I can’t manage to do it.

1/ In zigbee2mqtt the devices are allowed to join network.
2/ I connect the smart plug to the power => the led is blinking (green). No pairing.
3/ I press and hold the button a few seconds. No pairing.

Do you know how I can pair the smart plug ?

I just got the SP224 and the green blinking is just a power up. You have to hold the the button until the light starts blinking yellow, that’s when the pairing starts. There appears to be 2 devices pairing with this switch. One for the switch and another for the sensor. The sensor portion does not pair for me so I keep getting interview requests. I am using Homeseer, and was able to remove the device and stop the repeated interview requests.

Good luck

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