Zigbee2mqtt to HomeSeer mcsMQTT

Hi I’m using Zigbee2mqtt with the Homeseer plugin mcsMQTT. I managed to get a device into HS3 (an innr smart-plug) I can see the status updates so the device is working. But I have trouble with getting the device switching On or Off through the mcsMqtt-plugin. Anyone using the same set-up and willing to share his/ her publish settings for a switch ? Thanks

Hi, I am not familiar with Homeseer plugin mcsMQTT, but I think I can help you in the right direction.

The topic looks correct: zigbee2mqtt/0x00158d0003565ed9/set
If you take a look at your zigbee2mqtt logging, the payload should be { “state”: “ON” } or { “state”: “OFF” } and not { “OFF”: 0 } or { “ON”: 1 }. Try to select something else then “button”.
I would also select “Encode special characters”.
The rest looks okay.