New add innr sp 220 switch do not get all features

Hi I had already two innr switches in my system running for a while. Nicely reporting energy, etc. Now I bought some more of these and add them to the system (after a lot of hustle). When I had them finally working I discovered that they do not have the same input as the other two innr switches.
Also these switches do not have the (blue off an red on led) but only a green led when on? Dis I get the a wrong switch? Or did they change the switches? Or did I or Z2M miss something when pairing them?

Any of you with the same experience? Below is teh output off the innr SP120 ones which I already had (with the blue light on the image)

If the new plugs are innr model SP 220, this is normal: the SP 220 does not have a built in power meter, so only on/off is supported (exposed as switch, together with the link quality).

For new innr devices, there are no longer plugs available with the power meter feature (which is the reason I bought a bulk of old SP 120 plugs when the SP 220 got released).

See also:

And the older SP 120 (which also exposes power, current, voltage, end energy)

Also note that the SP220 uses Zigbee 3.0 (but lacks the power meter) - the SP120 uses the older Zigbee standard, but with power metering, and the SP120 is not produced anymore as it replaced by the SP220. Too bad that innr did not include a power meter in the new SP220 plug, but on the other hand the SP120 can easily flood your zigbee network as these plugs send a lot of update messages regarding the power consumption.