Replace CC2531 for one with antenna

In order to improve my range, I bought a CC2531 with antenna. Currently I’m using one without antenna. I am wondering what the best procedure would be to replace the USB devices. I was thinking:

  1. Disconnect the current USB stick … the zigbee network will be unavailable.
  2. Maybe wrap my new USB stick in tin foil, so it can’t connect while I am loading firmware?
  3. Flash the firmware as described in this subject:
  4. Connect the USB again to my pi.

Then all devices should reconnect to my new USB sniffer, right?

Flash and replace. No need for tin foil or disconnecting the current one while flashing. Nothing can connect as long as the CC2531 is not connected to a computer running zigbee2mqtt.

Tip : after replacing, flash your old one with the router firmware.

Ok, that sounds really easy. Yes, I think I will flash the old one with router firmware and use that one in the attic.

Or keep what you already have and simply plug one or two IKEA bulbs or sonoff switch (they are very cheap and act as routers)…