SoCal Electric meter monitoring

Long story short. I have a RAVEn Rainforest Automation, Inc RFA-Z106
It works great and I wrote some code to just log the data into a database and provide a web interface to view the chart of power usage. The problem is the device has long been discontinued.

My power company does specify that you can connect a Zigbee device to it for monitoring but stumped how to do this with this stack?

I’m trying to build the same functionality and wondering if the CC2531 Zigbee device would work for this. I have flashed the device but wondering what it the API/Interface to the COM port. The RAVEn device was XML send/receive

Can zigbee2mqtt work as a receiving device to collect the data from the power meter?


Hi Andy. Just come across your query regarding communicating with a smart meter via a cc2531. I want to do the same thing. We have a Toshiba SKU1 communication hub attached to a Landis Gyr E470 meter. We are unable to use the in-home-display because of distance. I would like to use a cc2531 as an intermediate router together with a cc2531 programmed as a coordinator to try to get the IHD to work. I am very new to this so don’t know whether such an arrangement would work. Have you made any progress?