Suddely coordinator issues

hi All,

Last night,I suddenly had issues with my whole zigbee network.
Remotes bind to a bulb did work but nothing in Home Assistant.
My Zigbee2MQTT map was a mess and nothing seems to be paired.
Restarting the zigbee2mqtt was not helpfull and the errors that I saw was “no route to host (205)”

This morning, i shutdown the whole system, disconnect the coordinator CC2531 and reconnect and booted the whole system.

Instantly everything was working as a charm without any issues.

I wonder, if this kind of a behaviour when I have to many devices.

At this moment, my map looks like;

As you all can see, is that I have in total 12 routers, 15 end devices. That is in total 27 devices but that should not be an issue I would think…

Hope someone could explain why my coordinator suddenly collaps…

Kind regards

I’m seeing the exact same issue sadly. Restarting zigbee2mqtt doesn’t fix it - only unplugging/replugging the dongle works.