Xiaomi device support - better for CC2531 than CC2530?

I’m trying out both the CC2531 and the CC2530+CC2591 on a raspberry pi. I have a few different Xiaomi sensors, and a couple could not be paired with the CC2530_CC2591 setup, but I was able to pair with the CC2531.

Stuff that works on both:

MCCGQ11LM (door sensor)
WXKG01LM (round button)

QBKG12LM (double button wall switch)

Does not work on CC2530+2591

RTCGQ01LM (motion sensor)

The Ikea button also doesn’t work on the CC2530.
KEA E1524/E1810

For the motion sensor trying to pair with the CC2530+2591, I only get this message, and nothing else:

zigbee2mqtt/bridge/log {“type”:“pairing”,“message”:“device incoming”}

I was wondering if anyone else has experience the same difference. For the firmware, I’m using coordinator cc2530-cc2591 source_routing, dated June 26 (CC2530ZNP-Prod).

I’ve tried removing the battery on the devices. I’m also pairing really close to the Pi setup.

Jason, curious to learn if you had any progress. I have 15 Aqara temp sensor (only 5 are working due to a problem with zigbee2mqtt). I am using a cc2531 as a coodinator. I have built a couple of cc2530 to run as a router.

After I upgraded to 1.7.1 where Koen is trying to replace Shepherd -> herdsman, my cc2531 has gone bananas. It drops, fails, does not respond to the point that I have to power the raspberry on and off.

I will try to reflash my cc2531 with the newest firmware (not 3.0) to see if it fixes it.

i can say for myself ,i am using the 31 and i have 5 PIRs, 2 Temp/Hum, 1 Cube
i am not having any of this issues