Xiaomi Smart Cube pairing

I can pair the Cube into z2m without a problem but looking in the database.db afterwards it shows:


It doesn´t look like all the other devices and I get no messages when subscribing to it.

What is wrong?

interviewCompleted is false, so the pairing was not successful. Try re-pairing, it might take a few attempts with those Aqara devices (they are also very picky when it comes to connecting to other nodes, they don’t want to connect to every type of router).

If pairing does not work, try replacing the battery, it might be that the battery inside the magic cube has not enough power left to finish the interview, or try moving the magic cube closer to your zigbee adapter.

I am also using a few magic cubes. Sometimes they pair at the first attempt without any issues, but with other cubes I needed to re-pair 10 times before the pairing was successful.

Thanks. I will try some more pairing and let you know.
Battery has been replaced so that is not the problem.

Update: Re pairing a few times near the coordinator helped and it now works perfect in HA
Thanks for helping :slight_smile: