Correct way of repairing/rejoining

I had all my aqara devices setup and running. Then added some konke devices so i had to change to channel 20. According to the manual it means re-pairing of all devices.
But strangely this may not be true as some devices still work (eg temp sensors) some don’t (contact sensors).
So i tried re-pairing them but it works kinda strange. Just pressing the pairing button worked for some, some others needed several tries, some other are never found (no devices log info).
I tried stopping zigbee2mqtt daemon, removing the devices from the db but still problem exists.
What’s the correct procedure - which is nowhere described it seems?!

Maybe you’ve tried this already - but have you removed the battery from the ones that don’t rejoin?

I have no idea what the correct way is, but I’ve seen some suggestions that battery removal can fix joining issues.